7 Nov

It’s quite obvious no one stays with Badboy forever so when I question Dawn’s longevity I’m often baffled. Dirty Money was the start of something fresh and innovative but with Diddy stealing most of the spotlight it still had a unique display of talent.

While they promoted the hell out of their album Last Train To Paris and performed on many major media outlets, after a while something didn’t smell quite fresh in the kitchen. With Diddy showing more love to Ciroc and Dawn busy promoting her various projects many are left to wonder “where the hell is Kaleena?”

Read Ahead To The Whereabouts Of The ‘Other’ Woman…..

As spotted at JuicyCarter

Diddy couldn’t hold a group together to save his life…

Word is, Dirty Money may have broken up or they might just be replacing Kalenna. According to her rep,

“As of now, Kalenna is solely focusing on her solo career and that is all that concerns her at the moment, Dirty Money is a hind thought and doesn’t seem to be in any future plans.”

Kalenna’s first solo release “Got To Work” will debut on 11/11/11.

Well…. I guess the truth will soon be brought into the light…

I really respect Diddy’s hustle but I’d have to screw him over before he gets me. Anybody signed to a contract with him should only use it as a stepping stone to something bigger. I hear Kalenna is a talented singer and awesome songwriter so I’m sure she won’t have a problem finding work if indeed she has left the Dirty Money Team…


(photo via Google Images)


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