14 Nov

Yes features more than just the stars… we also spotlight the upcoming talent of our homegrown celebs and socialites right here in the #804. Ms. Pumpkin, whom she’s known by friends and family has been making a name for herself hosting several media segments for tv and radio over the years. The always outspoken, Pumpkin has tackled a wide variety of subjects from funny and hilarious to serious matters that affect our community especially issues involving young women.

Network, Grind, and Faith is the name of the game: Pumpkin was blessed to get offered her own weekly talk show on local access tv entitled “The P Show” which airs every Wednesday from 6-7pm (Verizon and Comcast) and her brand new radio show of the same name taking place each and every Sat from 3-5 on Global Scale Radio.

I’m so blessed to be able to work with such a very energetic and ambitious woman. Pumpkin has always been a great supporter of as we have been of her various projects. Make sure you tune into her Tv/Radio shows and support everything in her movement.

Follow Pumpkin @TLLPumpkin and her show @2ThePshow Also ‘Like’ her Facebook page 2ThePshow



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