15 Nov

Only 7 days left and DefJam super artist Rihanna will drop her 6th studio albumTalk That Talk, her 5th to include a BillBoard Hot 100 topper and she does everything but let her fans down on the anticipated effort. Sure to gain the equivalent success as her previous LPs this one satisfies the appetite for just about any music listener who craves variety in genre. Having listened to the album for only two days, this has to be one of the hottest CD releases of the quarter in my opinion. Thoughts?

You Da One– (see

Where Have You Been– Starting off at a rather midtempo speed, Rihanna sings almost in a folk-like rhythm not preparing you for the massive trance background that creeps up almost a minute into the song.

We Found Love-3rd week atop the Hot 100, I think this track speaks for itself.

Talk That Talk– The title track which samples The Notorious B.I.G‘s  “I Got A Story To Tell” to me, would have served more of a purpose as the albums Intro as it comes off a little mediocre when compared to previous Rihanna/Jay-Z collaboration.

Cockiness(Love It)– With a strong Bangladesh presence all over the track, Rihanna gets naughty as she sings “I love it when you eat it” that being the most forward of lyrics as she playfully gets nasty in the most underlying but not underlying way throughout  the entire bass-driven song.

Birthday Cake– The intermission that leaves you wanting more is way flirty and forward, her potty-mouth towards the end is what leaves you wishing for that extra two minutes, as the beat doesn’t arise to the potential of that of the albums accompanying beats, coming off a bit choppy and rushed.

We All Want Love– This acoustic masterpiece primarily produced by NO I.D and Esther Dean almost sounds as if maybe Bob Marley had mentored her throughout the recording process as it has that vibe, if there were a such thing this would be the epitome of “unity music”.

Drunk Off Love– Complete with clattering synths and the same trance influence as “Where Have You Been”, this would be one the strongest songs lyrically while Rihanna sings about falling in love repetitiously and failing at every attempt.

Roc Me Out– Rock infused pop with remnants of 90’s R&B if I may, the cut goes hard over a strong guitar presence.

Watch N’ Learn– Carrying the same sex-kitten  tone as album alum Cockiness(Love It) and heavily Caribbean infused this cut is sure to have somebody doing the “butterfly”, a bit slow but the hook is infectious and although Rated R its radio-friendly possible.

Farewell– Appropriate for an album closer the ballad revolves around lost love and sees Rihanna reaching down into her chore for some her most raw vocals proving she’s not just a face made for the music industry.



  1. CediePee November 15, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    Good Review!!!!

    • bizzyblanco November 16, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

      Thanks for coming through and leaving a comment!

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