20 Nov

There are very few artist who have stood the test of time like the Queen Of Hip Hop Soul MJB. Her royal highness has had her share of troubles from drugs, alcohol, and abusive relationship but through it all she has maintained her dignity crossing over into the mega star she has become today. Her albums have told her story and as anxious fans we begged to be buried into her world often finding a little bit of ourselves in her music.

My Life (The original) actually made me intrigued and interested in becoming a Mary fan. She had that hood swag almost similar to the rap acts who were coming aboard the musical spectrum during that time like Jay-Z, Nas, and Biggie. She told her tales through ‘I’m Going Down’, ‘Be Happy’, and ‘You Bring Me Joy’…. tales of a woman scorned by love…. As we fast forward to the next chapter of My Life II alot has changed but the Queen is still on the throne and happiness is a cup that runeth over. Let’s take a look at the next phase of Mary J. Blige’s life as the journey continues….

In old Mary fashion she opens with a phone call to the man who discovered and launched her career: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs  and the two discuss the growth that has transcended from My Life up until now.

Mary and Nas Team up on ‘Feel Inside’ and the magic between the two reminds me of the the spark they made on ‘Love Is All We Need’ from Share My World…..Brooklyn, Mary’s alter ego shows up on the sexual driven ‘Midnight Drive’ . Mary seems to have a case of the ‘Jones’ and packs up the clothes for a night of passion and love making…Next up her and Busta Rhymes dive into the upbeat ‘Next Level’ which is real grown and sexy lounge type music. … Then Mary samples Chaka Khan on the Darkchild-produced ‘Ain’t Nobody’… One thing about Mary is she can take a classic and turn it into her own. Hey what would a My Life album be without a old school cover.

On 25-8 Mary is all about her undying love wishing she had just a little more time in the day to give it all…. Drake joins the party on Mr. Wrong as she deals with the ups and downs of falling hard for a bad boy even though she’s better off with Mr. Nice Guy….. Don’t Mind reminds me of old school Mary as I nodded my head back and forth to the grooving medley. And what would today’s music be without a Rick Ross feature???? The two make beautiful music on ‘Why’. I’m sure many people will understand and relate to this as it pertains to making a relationship work. Again classic Mary is all over this… Definitely one of my favorite tracks even though the Maybach Music girl makes a cameo at the beginning of the song.

Her most defining moment from 1st listen is ‘Need Someone’.. I almost forgot I was listening to Mary. It has mega crossover written all over it. She will surely invite a whole new audience ( as if she needed one) into her world.

The highlight of the album would have to be Mary’s ‘Love A Woman’ featuring Beyoncé which was originally supposed to be on Bey’s album ‘4’… Supposedly the song didn’t fit and it turned into duet with Mary.  The two compliment it each other well as they school potential suitors on how to treat their woman right. Hopefully after Bey gives birth they can turn this into a single…. In need of a pick me up? Listen to ‘Living Proof‘…. she ends the album with a powerful testimony we all can relate to.

In the end My Life II is no original but it stands up there with the great albums Mary has given us over the years. The holiday season is Mary’s playground so I’m sure this will be another one she can cash all the way to the bank.


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