26 Nov

I’ve been so out of the loop for the past several days and no turkey and stuffing wasn’t on the menu. 

I was made aware that there was a new beef brewing between Curtis Jackson and Clifford Harris and I’m using government names because the exchange of words is now becoming personal.. especially when you throw in wifey remarks….

Apparently T.I. made some remarks in the Dec/Jan issue of Vibe that didn’t sit too well with 50 Cent concerning Tiny (T.I.’s wife) taking the rap for his recent jail stint in some tweets that came out when T.I. got locked up.


T.I. who go whif of the concern blasted 50 and anyone else who had a problem with him

“I’ma tell you, 50 Cent and anybody else, we not gonn’a  have no discussion about what my ole lady should’a, would’a, couda done for anything as it pertains to me,” Tip said in the mag which will hit newsstands nationwide on December 6. “We ain’t gonn’a do that. I’m the only one in my family that’s gonna take a lick when it pertains to the legal system. Since me, none of my other family members have seen a jail cell. Nobody. I’m the last one. The buck stops here. I feel that a person that stands behind [his woman for a criminal charge] is a coward anyway.”

50 wasted no time responding. “Man I just saw something T.I said in VIBE about a tweet I wrote when he caught his drug case. He just got out a jam and caught a new one,” he wrote on Twitter on Friday. “This boy got a get outta jail FREE card. Don’t get emotional over your lady. It a get you in some sh– you don’t want to be in.”

“Straight G code…No “TWEEFIN” here champ!!!! Peace 2da real og’s we out!!!,” T.I. wrote after 50’s comments on Twitter...

Wow can’t we all just get along.. I mean Akon and Lil Wayne are giving out turkey’s and is this how we repay him? 1st Luda and Drake/Big Sean now this….

On the flip side this beef has more potential and excitement then the others…Who side are you on?


photo via Google Images



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