27 Nov

It’s always a good thing to network and meet new people and I’m glad the vibe was all love and mutual (love you Fluffy). We strive over here to not only give deets on what’s good in pop culture but who’s popping off right here in the 804. Our new artist spotlight takes us to Fluffy and her weekly radio show The Fluffy Spot which can be heard live every Thursday from 7pm-9pm….Get ready cause Fluffy is cooking up a whole lot more than just a pretty face… She’s on her grind hard and making power moves every step of the way…

Kenya was born & raised in East Orange, NJ. The first born to a Haitian father & American mother, she was known as her father’s, “Haitian Princess”. At the age of 13, she relocated to Richmond, VA which has been her home ever since. Kenya has always been the “go to” girl for advice to her friends on sex and relationships. She is currently working to become a Registered Nurse with an expected graduation date of January 2012. Kenya currently writes poetry and has over fifty notebooks filled with her thoughts, rhymes and lyrics. Kenya is looking to get those thoughts published later next year. She is also working on “The Fluffy Foundation” to help girls with low self-esteem, so be on the lookout for more info to come.

“The Fluffy Spot” is the hottest new internet radio show covering EVERYTHING about sex and relationships. This show includes hot weekly segments such as “Ask Nurse Ginger”, “Fluffy Facts” and as always the top ten songs about the sex topic.

“The Fluffy Spot” airs every Thursday from 7-9pm on

NO question or topic is EVER too much for “The Fluffy Spot”…Let’s talk about it.



  1. Nurse Ginger November 27, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Go Fluffy!!! I’m so proud of you!! Keep “gettin’ the people goin’ ” and making them LOVE you!! Thank you Bizzy 🙂

  2. Joy December 2, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    Get it Fluffy! You doing it big BOOTLEGGA!!!!

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