1 Dec

“Pink Friday : ROMAN RELOADED will be released on Valentines Day, 2012. Heeeee’s baaaacccckkkkk,” “Its not called Roman Reloaded. Its called PINK FRIDAY : ROMAN RELOADED!!!!!! 4 WORDS!!!! Love u guys soooo much!!! VALENTINES DAY biittcchh!”….

……A eager Nicki Minaj tweeted several days ago. Now with a bevy of major show performances and Grammy nominations in her arsenal the Young Money Queen is prepping to deliver some music… a teaser track if you will to iTunes tomorrow. Nicki tweeted a hour ago as to what to expect…

Roman releases his teaser tomorrow on itunes. Its entitled: Roman In Moscow. 1pmEST

If you are unfamiliar as to who Roman is then you haven’t met her alternate ego (which is one of many). This particular person is Nicki’s angry persona on the mic , kinda like what Sasha Fierce is to Beyoncé… No word if this will be a snippet or a buzz single. I know many people have been talking for a while how they wanted the ‘Old Nicki’ back. 

Could we be on the verge of seeing the original Onika return? Also are you more than ready for a new Nicki Minaj album? Her debut was definitely a grower and took some getting used to over time. I’m always out on a limb here but I predict she will sell fairly well… Her crossover appeal is amazing and her team really puts her behind huge projects which in turn grants her major exposure.

congrats Nicki…

source Twitter/MTV


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