6 Dec

After several speculations as to who would be replacing Stacy Dash on the 2nd season of ‘Single Ladies’ it was confirmed today that actress Denise Vasi, a former cast member of All My Children would be the newest addition to popular VH1 series.

“Denise is the perfect addition to the Single Ladies cast,” says Latifah in a statement. “She is bringing a fun, new element to the show.”

Denise Vasi will take on the role of Rachel, a close friend of Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) who is a savvy business woman from a prominent Southern family on a quest to discover passion.

It was rumored that LisaRaye and Stacy had some sort of beef which lead to uncontrollable tension on set. While there was talk of Stacy’s contract not being renewed, Dash finally came forward and announced to that she wanted to spend more time with her kids back home on the west coast seeing as how they film show in Atlanta, Georgia.

Whatever the case Stacy Dash (my favorite) won’t be back to fill the shoes of Val Stokes. No word on how they will write her character out but I hope it’s done in a way that perhaps she could return in the future.

Are you excited for the new changes to Single Ladies?



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