6 Dec

One of the greatest hip hop groups and Jimmy Fallon’s go to band The Roots return to the musical arena and deliver their 13th studio album ‘Undun’. Undun follows the story of Redford Stephens as narrated by lyricist and Roots front man Black Thought, which details the beginning and eventually the untimely demise of Stephens. I’ve yet to hear the album in it’s entirety but I really have been head nodding to the track Otherside, which features neo soul star Bilal.

Perhaps I will further digest the greatness that is The Roots and inhale the subject matter of ‘Undun’ taking a ride through the eyes of Redford Stephens…. Good Hip Hop is rarely hard to come by these days and The Roots continue to prove that just  like good black… good hip hop don’t crack either.

?uestlove, Black Thought and the rest of the group request your presence for greatness and ‘Undun’ is sounding like it will be just that..

Click here to purchase


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