8 Dec

I know you are saddened with the recent ending of Basketball Wives L.A but don’t break them tissues out just yet because the original girls to ever do it are back and this time the ladies have added two new felines to the litter box…. No Meeka Claxton will not be apart of the new season and as always drama seems to exist between two of our beloved castmates and no it’s not Royce and Suzie! Check out all the info and some behind the scenes pix after the jump.

Vh1 in attempt to get fans and newbies alike the opportunity to get excited for the 4th season of Basketball Wives Miami decided to broadcast a photoshoot via Ustream today of the popular reality vixens. Throughout much of the shoot the girls could be seen talking with one another and tweeting to their fans who were watching….

In addition to the old gang Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, Royce, Suzie, and Tami the girl welcome 2 more beauties:


The first new member is a woman by the name of Kesha who was once engaged to San Antonio Spurs Richard Jefferson. On the day the two were to wed Jefferson left her at the altar.

The second newcomer is Kenya Bell who is the only really married one on the show. Her husband is basketball star Charlie Bell from the Golden State Warriors. Kenya had this to say when asked about being on the new season, “I’m very excited. I was very humbled when they called me and told me they wanted me to be on the show,I couldn’t believe (I was selected). There was like thousands of women that have been related in some way to basketball that wanted to be on the show.” Kenya also happens to be a former Miss Michigan USA.(source)


Seems like all is good right? Many people within the Basketball Wives camp are saying BFF’s Evelyn and Jennifer are on the outs. The once close pair have apparently nixed their friendship. No word on what exactly lead to the split but I’m sure this will be the leading storyline once the show returns this February.

Are you excited for a new season of drama, foolery, and water throwing?

photo’s via Twitter/FreddyO/NecoleBitchie/Crunktastical



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