8 Dec

I must admit I had been slacking on my viewing of XFactor in the past few weeks but I managed to reconnect to the upgraded version of American Idol last night. Since the beginning I’ve literally been blown away at how mature of a singer young Rachel Crow has became week after week.

So yadda yadda the results were in and her and Marcus received the lowest amount of votes. I get that. But when the voting is left into the hands of the judges how do you not vote accordingly….

This is a competition right? Or are we afraid to be brutally honest with America….Hell even L.A Reid wanted to vote for Rachel but I understood his loyalty to Marcus

Rachel should still be in the building POINT BLANK. But as a friend pointed out her leaving was more blessing than complete heartache…

I’m sure as I type this mounds of people (Disney) are knocking at her doorstep to get a piece of the vehicle Rachel Crow. She’s already got a ace in the hole with Simon who assured her as the show was closing she’d be a huge star and that we would be hearing more from in the very near future.

Good Luck Rachel. God will surely expand your territories elsewhere…

Nicole.. go be famous on someone else’ time..


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