13 Dec

Tonights episode was full of fuckery and insane drama all of which involved Sheree and ex husband Bob as they battled in court over unpaid child support……. however it was Sheree who was picking up her face as her plan to collect backfired and went up in smoke….

From the beginning Phaedra who acted as Sheree’s lawyer instructed the fitness buff on how to act and the proper court etiquette maintain…

The real comedy was the fact that Sheree who is now living in an apartment is driving around town in a new Porsche? Where’s the logic?

Some tweets suggested that while Sheree was driving around in a new car her children had to suck it up and sleep on air mattresses which could be seen on camera!!!!

Read further as Nene hits the nail right on the head…

If you don’t visit Twitter then perhaps you should make a visit in the near future because the commentary is far more hilarious during reality tv programming. Even the stars themselves get in on the act and clear up what’s actually going on…or what really happened during filming.

Sheree tweeted to Phaedra…

Apparently Sheree didn’t appreciate the fact that Phaedra had to search all around town for her money… And Phaedra seems to be about her paper..

In the end Bob who proclaimed he went to school at Stanford represented himself and was the real winner during tonights episode.. perhaps he knows something we don’t especially when he went and hugged Sheree’s mother *blank stare*

Something seems to be a little fishy with Sheree along with the house she’s building…… and perhaps her entire storyline is a act that only a few of us can see right through….

The tweets were buzzing from her kids sleeping on air beds, to her buying a new car, her mother Thelma’s nappy roots, to her fist full of tears (partially due to her budding acting career)…….. no tweet was left behind! lol..

In the end Sheree’s nemesis Nene Leakes decided to subliminally offer own advice to her once dear friend..

Do you believe Sheree has her priorities all wrong? Do you think Phaedra provided the proper representation to her client?



  1. Kytti December 14, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Wow! It saddens me to see this woman walking around with $15K bags, driving $70K+ cars like all is well – when the real reason for her tears was because Rent-a-something came and repo’d her flat screen and beds! Stop waiting on Bob because he’s made it clear that he’s not paying YOU! Go to school for design, get a career and love and support your babies as best you can! They’ll (the kids) tell Bob about himself later – that’s when he’ll truly suffer!

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