26 Dec

Va’s pool of talent is growing and the #’s are gonna keep rising well into 2012. Our artist spotlight bring us to 2 MC’s whom I had the pleasure of meeting a week ago as they blaze hot promo for their upcoming appearance on BET’s 106 & Park. The 757 duo, consisting of Triumph and Munee are all about the music and their ETP movement.

Marcellous “Triumph” Mapp has been consistently leaving his mark on the music industry for the past 12 years. Newport News, Virginia has been the home that raised and taught Triumph how to survive. Being the man of the household and the eldest of 3 brothers(on his fathers side) built a leadership quality about Triumph at a very early age. He always had a way with words and quickly realized that performing in front of people is something that became second nature to him. Writing poetry and short stories at the age 11 turned into in to writing songs and battle raps by the age of 13 where he won his first rap battle at a teen club called Checkers.

Errick Deshawn Pair, aka Munee, was born in Newark, NJ. Munee ($) M.otivated U.nderestimated N.ever E.xpected E.xcellence…. Growing up in a full household gave him experience to deal with life’s tough situations. Munee has three brothers and one sister, with two loving parents who taught him not only how to be a resilient man. While going through financial hardship in 2003 he relocated to Virginia. During his time there he was blessed to have met some influential people known as EnTaPrize Entertainment LLC. (E.T.P).

Munee has been nominated along with Triumph for Top Ten artist of the Year in the Hood Elegant Program. Currently pushing the pre album “Boiling Point” Triumph plans to release a joint mixtape with Munee and also a Entaprize mixtape by the beginning of summer. ETP (Entaprize) is currently promoting their new single and visual titled “GO”. The Triumph record featuring Munee soared to over 8000 views on VladTV in just 6 days. That’s not even including the thousands of views that is has on Youtube

Triumph & Munee will also be seen performing live on BET’s 106 and Park on January 4, 2012.


Now check out our mini interview….

First off I appreciate you guys connecting with my blog and breezing through for some Q & A…

Bizzy: When did you guys become interested in doing music?

Triumph: Music has always been a passion of mine. Its been a daily part of my life for years now. I’ve just been blessed to pursue my dream with the right team behind me.

Bizzy: I see you guys are from the 757. Did any major local artist serve as any inspiration?

Triumph: If I had to pick an artist from this area it would be Missy since she not only took over hip hop but also branched out into pop, rnb and also writing and producing for other artist. She a renaissance woman! Hopefully ETP can achieve half the success she has accumulated over her career.

Bizzy: Describe your style of music?

T&M: Our style of music is very rare. We create timeless music. If you have had a chance to hear our music than you would know the proof is in the pudding.

Bizzy:  How did the whole 106 and Park gig come about?

T&M: We auditioned directly for Pat Charles in NYC and again at the BET headquarters in Washington, DC. Long story short, we wowed him both times. Shorty after our second audition, we were informed that we were selected to be apart of the show. 

Bizzy: Besides “Go” what else are you guys working on?

T&M: Right now we are working on “Light Switch” which will be a mixtape featuring all EnTaPrize artists. There will be a Variety of hits to choose from on this upcoming tape! 

Bizzy: Who are you interested in working with in the future?

Triumph: I would love to work with Nipsey Hussle and BIG KRIT. TI is also an artist I would love to work with as well. Ryan Leslie makes great music as well. He definitely on the list!

Bizzy: Lastly I appreciate yall breezing through and showing #TeamBizzy some love. Hit us up with whatever up coming projects yall are working on so we support your movement.

T&M:  Light Switch will be dropping late January. We look forward in taking over the first quarter!


Now check out the video for their smash single ‘Go’

Also follow @TriumphETP and @MuneeETP on Twitter


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