1 Jan

Nothing big just a thank you for riding with one of the freshest blogs on new street. I started this rollercoaster in March of 2011 and wow what a difference almost a year makes. 2011 saw me networking with some of the industry’s biggest players and staying grounded with our homegrown talent and entrepreneurs.. Throughout this entire experience I’ve learn that practice makes perfect and the only person who’s willing to push your brand harder than you is YOU! Expect no one to carry out your vision better than the person you see standing in the mirror. Dare to be different not conforming to what so and so is doing.

In 2012 expect more greatness and surprises. I pray God continues to bless my talent and expand my territories way beyond my current situation. Adjacent to giving you a raw pop culture experience we will be launching BizzyTv! A weekly round table discussion on all things entertainment. This will be extension to the entire Bizzy Blanco experience. Look out for more giveaways, interviews, and more of the best in what the #TeamBizzy crew is looking to provide. Ride With Me because you ain’t seen nothing yet!!! They Loving The Crew!



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