Watch This: Landon Collins Agrees To Play For Alabama State But His Mother Is Not Having It!! [Video]

6 Jan

Mother’s usually know what’s best or at least they would like to think they do and in most cases even when they are wrong we still allow them to feel in control. So even in the most tightest of situations a mother knows how to regroup and save face. (gotta love them)

Enter Landon Collins (a stand out and one of the top safety prospects in the nation) during the U.S Army All American Bowl was there to make a decision on his future college prospects, decided that instead of staying in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana and playing for LSU he’d take his services elsewhere and begin college for Alabama State…

Check out the reaction from his mother and the loyalty she displayed for her son.. priceless


Do you agree the mother should have been allowed to give her opinion and furthermore side with LSU right in the face of her son? Perhaps this could have waited until they got home?

While Mr. Football verbally agreed to playing for Alabama a contract still has to be drawn up so that it will legally stand. Collins (and his mother) still have until Feb 1st to make a solid decision….



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