Congrats! Jay-Z & Beyoncè Welcome Baby Girl ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ Into The World

8 Jan

Many if you were hoping for Brooklyn Carter but were slightly wrong as the referenced Jay-Z lyric didn’t make the list of final baby names..

After years of speculations, rumors, and weight gains we are proud to announce that Beyonce has finally given birth to a baby girl by the name of Blue Ivy …. Ivy equals the number ‘4’ or ‘IV’ and also makes significance to Jay-Z’s Dec 4th B’Day and Beyonce’s Sept 4th born day… The couple were also married April 8th, 2008…. Don’t forget the new mother latest album is entitled ‘4’.. whew lots of 4’s huh? lol

Now before I go any further I know the hype has somewhat grew in the past several weeks and most was wee bit obnoxious but to go as far as to talk ignorant about a person more importantly a baby is insane. If you don’t care for what’s being tweeted then log off it’s just that simple… I don’t understand how tweeting about someone’s baby is the equivalent for not knowing who God is?

Most of you use Twitter to vent and post irrelevant bullshit, photos, quotes, etc… now because you don’t fancy what the masses are posting it comes down to not knowing God? Get a life….

Now that the rant is over…. several of the proud parents friends tweeted their well wishes….

Well at any rate it is indeed a girl although conflicting reports have the baby named Ivy Blue and Blue Ivy? I’m sure someone will come forward later on today to confirm the true identity…

It was real hilarious that someone tweeted would Jim Jones and Chrissy’s baby receive this much press? lol

Congrats Jay and Bey!

photo’s via Twitter/Google Images


2 Responses to “Congrats! Jay-Z & Beyoncè Welcome Baby Girl ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ Into The World”

  1. C January 8, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl Jay and Beyonce!!!

    Great job on reporting this great news so quickly Bizzy!!!

    • bizzyblanco January 8, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

      Thanks for riding with the #BizzyTeam and keep riding! We got so much planned for 2012! Stay Tuned!

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