10 Jan

Not sure how this will translate well to the masses but it does have it’s moments…Amber Rose who is in the process of releasing a album (*BLANK STARE*) teamed up with rapper boyfriend Wiz Khalifa on her debut single/buzz single ‘Fame’… Nothing really much I can say positive about the song however I guarantee it will soar on Billboard..

“I have my own unique sound, I make music that I love and I hope that my fans and the people that embrace me will love it also!” Amber tells MTV and further elaborates  “I’ve taken vocal lessons and I’m working on my album, but right now I’m in the beginning phases and I’m just taking my time,” 

Listen and decide if Amber really has a chance to be a pop star?



Ok so we linked you to a story about Amber dissing Kim Kardashian and blaming her for breaking up her happy home with meal ticket Kanye West, well the budding musical siren has had a change of heart and is forgiving media whore Kimmy K:

In The World According To Amber Rose she’s totally forgiven Kim for allegedly hooking up with Kanye behind her back … and says she feels bad for calling Kim a “home-wrecker.”

Amber’s referring to a recent interview … in which she claims Kanye and Kim had a secret affair while she was still dating the rapper a few years ago. Sources close to Kim tell us Kardashian vehemently denies ever getting intimate with Kanye. 

But last night, Amber was out in L.A. — and told TMZ, “I actually feel bad that I called [Kim] a homewrecker … ’cause that was kind of mean.”

“I forgive her … and I forgive Kanye too … it’s not a big deal, you know?”

And despite the fact she’s sporting devil horns … Rose insists, I’m not a mean-spirited person … I just acted on my emotions when I said it.” (source)


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