New Artist Spotlight: Swade + Check Out His F.A.M.E Video

18 Jan

I always encourage musicians especially unsigned artist to submit music, videos etc.. for it to be showcased right here on I’m a advocate for the underdog and support good music. So when hungry and inspiring artist Swade contacted me about listening to his music he was more than persistent about his vision and what he wanted to accomplish.

 The 23 year old rapper from Brooklyn, Ny, moved to VA at the age of 18 and started rapping at the age of 21 after dealing with a breakup with his girlfriend which inspired his mixtape “Lost & Translation” which he insist wasn’t his best work.

“it wasn’t that good, but I liked putting music together, so from that day I worked hard and dropped two mixtapes….. which are located on “Lost & Found” and “From Swade, With Love” you can hear the growth in both mixtapes.”

 Seems like this kid is already on his grizzy and is waiting for the masses to take notice. I always support upcoming artist who are looking for a voice and exposure. 

Peep out his F.A.M.E video


I know in my heart i’m on the come up, and I’m going be the next great rapper, I just need people to listen to me. my music is apart of me, very personal, and I hope you enjoy it, as much I enjoyed making it–Swade


Click & Download From Swade With Love Mixtape Below


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