19 Jan

Who Knew??

I’m sure many of you have came across a link or two to the newest album leak and used Megaupload to help stock your ever growing musical library. Well that was until the powers that be shut down shop after finding out the Ruff Ryders Hit Man Was The Captain of the Pirated Ship….

Read ahead for all the details;

According to BET–Swizz Beatz has found himself in a legal fight with Universal Music Group thanks to a video he helped make promoting the file sharing and storage website Megaupload. 

Beatz, who is the CEO of the online company, recruited his buddies Kanye WestDiddy and to appear in the video, which went viral late last year. Those artists are signed to Universal, and the record label was none-too-pleased to have them affiliated with Megaupload, which is widely known to host illegal copies of recorded albums. 

After suing Beatz and Megaupload to take down the video, UMG has since been counter-sued by the music mogul, who insists he did nothing wrong (BET)

Check out the video below..

MEGA UPLOAD SONG!!!! HTTP://OKFOC.US from OKFocus on Vimeo.

Well I’m interested in hearing more about this…. I’m down with Swizz tho and I’m a avid supporter of buying music.  

I won’t speak too ill of Universal because they’ve showed my blog lots of love and continue to still do… 

This whole ordeal comes just a day after the whole SOPA deal in where various websites including shut down in protest of  Internet Censorship.

With the downfall of websites like Megaupload do you believe it will be harder to share music online or will other methods be developed to listen and download music?

image via Google Images


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