EXPOSED! I Told Ya’ll Kim Kardashian Was A F-R-A-U-D! [Info Inside]

20 Jan

Media Whore and E! Channel‘s cash cow Kim Kardashian allegedly left the door open on Pandora’s Box and the walls will soon be tumbling down….

Aside from her marriage failing her soon-to-be ex husband is preparing to expose his wife and her family for the thieving, money hungry, reality riff raff that they are…lol

Well  lets get on with the task at hand.

For those of you who watch Kim and Kourtney Do New York, or whatever the porn title is called, then you will recall the latest episode featuring Kim and Kris (her mother) visiting Dubai as Kim confides in her mother about NOT being happy in her marriage… Well allegedly the scene was shot in October just before she was to announce her plans to divorce but after a little investigation it seems the scene was filmed in December! not October and used as a ploy to make viewers feel sorry for Kim. (How sad and deceiving)

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Well the Paps were right there on it just as the Kardashian’s often love and caught a photo of Kim and her mother Kris Jenner leaving a LA film studio presumably where the scene was allegedly shot at? 

Check It Out!

Peep The Video


hmmm.. Kris Humphries even tweeted in the past days that he’s been silent for way too long and the world will be surprised once the real story comes to light!?

The whole entire thing reakes of attention and once the real deal comes out will we even care? In my channel surfing on Sunday night I did however come across the above episode and they all look like they enjoy being in front of the camera but it reads more like a sitcom and less like a reality show.

I’m not mad tho… Ryan Seacrest is laughing all the way to the bank.. Big Bank!

As Spotted @ Necole Bitchie/Photo(s) via Google/Reality Tea


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