R.I.P To Musical Legend Etta James (1938-2012)

20 Jan

Known to never bite her tongue and to always speak her mind one of the central stars of the movie Cadillac Records and the At Last’ singer Etta James passed away today.

Her manager, Lupe De Leon, said that the cause was complications of leukemia. Ms. James, who died at Riverside Community Hospital, had been undergoing treatment for some time for a number of conditions, including leukemia and dementia. She also lived in Riverside.

The 4 Time Grammy Award Winner and Life Time Achievement Honoree Recipient (2003) leaves behind a lasting legacy of timeless classics that will be celebrated throughout generations. Despite her trails and tribulations Etta James was a pioneer in a era where women didn’t speak up and demand respect and she defied the odds and allowed her voice to be heard even to this day…

After giving praise to Beyoncè for the portrayal of herself in Cadillac Records Etta James dissed the actress/singer in a series of interviews which she later said was a joke in reference to Beyoncè singing ‘At Last’ (her song as she stated) for newly elected President Barack Obama during his inauguration ball. 

Etta James who was 73 leaves behind her husband of 42 years, Artis Mills; two sons, Donto and Sametto James; and four grandchildren.



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