My New Guilty Pleasure: Mob Wives + Big Ang Is The Real Deal! So DEAL!

22 Jan

It always takes me a minute for me to get into a new show usually bypassing the first season all together. I’m rather late on occasions as I have been with Mob Wives. So what the hell was I missing?

This show has it all and the girls are very entertaining and hilarious. While I’m getting used to who everyone is and who’s who, it’s the stand out addition to the show this season that really has me intrigued: Big Ang!

Big Ang aka Angela Raiola is OD Funny and her voice reminds me of Herman Monster (I love her tho). She’s the niece of mobster Salvatore ‘SallyDogs’ Lombardi who’s deceased, a plastic surgery junkie and has a thing for wise guys. She flaunts her lavish lifestyle and comes off as the peacemaker among the feuding ladies.

I’m definitely gonna have to check out season 1 of Mob Wives.

Mob Wives airs Sunday nights @ 8pm on Vh1!

Peep out a bonus clip from the show of Big Ang: fabulous grandiose entrance and all.

photo via Google Images/video via Youtube


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