2 Steal Or Be Inspired? Did Jim Jones Bite Designs From The House Of Psyberia?

24 Jan

As a unofficial follower of fashion brands I tend to pick and choose what’s hot and what I’d leave on the cutting room floor. I’m no expert but I can usually spot a fake……Remember those $65 pair of Jordan’s at the flea market?

Anyway in an attempt to step my shoe game up proper I took a liking to the house of Psyberia. They make these awesome boots perfect for the winter months. I commented on the boots back in my Bizzy’s Favorite Things That Should Be Underneath Your X-Mas Tree  post. Well the fashion brand not only make boots but they specialize in other outwear including jackets. Not to long ago Psyberia decided to bless rapper Jim Jones with his very own jacket as a gift to him and a couple of his friends. Little did they know Jimmy was planning to use the jacket as inspiration… or was he?

According to Republican Update—-

It’s no secret that the fashion world and the commercial music scene share lots of commonalities. For one, both industries are as competitive as they come. Add in a melting pot of movers and players that are constantly creating and exchanging, and you’ll realize how relatively easy it is for the line between inspiration and cloning blur. Which leads us to the following story between winter drygoods brand, Psyberia, and Harlem-based rapper, Jim Jones (The Diplomats).

According to Psyberia, Jimmy and some of his cohorts were given complimentary jackets courtesy of the upstart brand. The hope, as with any infant line, was for publicity–to have Jim Jones and company rocking the “Psyberian Coat” was a golden opportunity! And it was, that is, until a couple of months later Jimmy and competing brand, Parish Nation, show up on the scene with a collaborative line called Protocol that includes a winter jacket that looks awfully familiar.

What Do You Think?

Exhibit A:

Jim Jones Protocol Jacket

So Is Jim Biting Or Was He Just Inspired? Read The Complete Breakdown Here


2 Responses to “2 Steal Or Be Inspired? Did Jim Jones Bite Designs From The House Of Psyberia?”

  1. Diamond January 26, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    Not Ballin, but BITERRRRRR!


  1. 1.26.2012 Guaranteed Fresh - January 26, 2012

    […] El scandal. Dirt Angel is being accused of ripping off designs for his clothing line. (Bizzy […]

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