In Case You Missed It: President Barack Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

25 Jan

No other speech in some quite while has moved me the way Our Fine Commander In Chief President Barack Obama came across to the country last night. He spoke common truths and laid out his plan and pleaded that help was needed from both sides in order to restore prosperity to a already depressing economy.

I tweeted how people needed to lay off the president and get up and go to work. It’s job employment out there but some people are using this as a way to lay around and drain the system. When I was out of work I used my unemployment benefits and went back to school for 2 years, graduated and preparing to work in my field. Stop using The Bush Administration, Our current President, and The Man as a reason to give up and drown in your own misery. Support The President not condemn him.

In case you missed State Of Union Address Below


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