In Ratchet Bizzy News: A Woman & Son Rob Liberty Tax w/Curling Irons And Steal $300

30 Jan

The Statue Of Liberty wasn’t sent over from France to just sit in the middle of the Hudson River for the health of New York but rather a symbol for peace and freedom….. that was until Sonia Watson came along and messed things up for the betterment of America. The workers at Liberty Tax, who dance to the sounds of their favorite tunes as hundreds of cars pass them by on a daily are sick their stomachs this evening that such a nasty woman has taken money from their beloved icon…


According To FoxToledo—–TOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) – The head of a national human rights organization is making a public plea, asking the suspect in a recent robbery to turn herself in before the situation gets worse.

Gerald Rose of New Order National Human Rights Organization wants Sonia Watson to stop hiding.  She’s accused of robbing the Liberty Tax Service on Monroe Street last week armed with a curling iron.  Police say there was a short scuffle and Watson got away with almost 300 bucks.  Rose says he’s tired of this senseless crime.

“It was stupidity, uncalled for you’re going to try to rob a tax service with a curling iron, what are you thinking about?  You’re setting an example for our young people,” said Gerald Rose, Founder and CEO of New Order National Human Rights Organization.

If you know where Watson is, call crimestopper, 419-255-1111.


Harpo Have You Seen This Woman?

Check out how it all went down:

 Toledo police are searching for Sonia Watson, who allegedly wrapped a curling iron in a towel and used it as a gun to threaten a woman after she prepared her income taxes.

She and her son Antonio went into Liberty Tax Service on Monroe Street Thursday evening just before 7 p.m. and threatened the woman working there to give her money. 

Watson then hit the woman with the curling iron when she refused to give her money, police said. 

The victim retaliated and hit Watson over the head with a plastic pop bottle. A customer who witnessed the exchange came to the victim’s defense, picked up a chair and hit Watson’s son. 

Watson fled the store with her son with $280. While they were leaving the area, they were captured on surveillance video from a nearby gas station, police said. 

Detectives were able to positively identify Watson because the victim had recently prepared Watson’s income tax return. (source)


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    :K! RACHET!

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