Blast From The Past: D’Angelo Resurfaces In Paris & Performs ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel) [Video’s Inside]

1 Feb

Homegrown Talent and 804s own Michael “D’Angelo” Archer is finally giving music a go once again and the singer showcased his talents across the pond in Europe in a series of concert appearances.

The crown prince of neo-soul is on track to make a return musically and will play several places including Stockholm, Copenhagen and Paris concluding on Friday (Feb 3rd). This is a first for D’Angelo who’s career has been somewhat dormant since 2000. 

After releasing his signature album ‘Voodoo’ the singer has been plagued with troubles including run ins with the law and  gaining large amounts of weight which is a far cry from the washboard abs the ladies grew accustomed to back in the day.

Now with a new album on the rise and a slimmer waist, the singer is looking to put the past behind him and bring the soul back to R&B.

Check out some of the videos of D’Angelo performing over the past weekend below. Welcome Home Bruh.




Hopefully it won’t be long before D’Angelo makes that full fledged return. His long awaited album James River is 97% complete according to The Roots leader drummer ?uestlove. We’ll keep you posted on when he’s releasing new music and hopefully we can interview and bring D’Angelo to the pages of

video’s via Youtube



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