New Music: Melanie Amaro – ‘Respect’ + X-Factor Is Getting A Major Facelift & My Two Cents..

2 Feb

If you’ve slept under a rock in the past year then you would have missed America’s newest sweetheart snag the X-Factor crown, scoring a $1 million dollar contract and a Pepsi commercial to debut during this years Superbowl. Well the British Virgin Islands beauty is ready for her close-up as she samples The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” which will be featured in her Pepsi Commercial which will co-star Elton John

Get int her official first single below




Now on to the X-Factor drama…

After what I thought was a successful 1st season of the USA version of X-Factor some of it’s major players received their pink slips this week….

“X Factor” news came fast and furious on Monday night — first, that host Steve Jones would not be returning, then that judge Nicole Scherzinger was exiting and finally that Paula Abdul also would be shown the door. Now The Hollywood Reporter has learned that all of these major show decisions are coming from one key confab being held in the U.K.

 According to a show source, a series of X” Factor” season 2 offsite meetings are currently taking place wherein show creator Simon Cowell has assembled his team and creative brain-trust for a postmortem. The purpose: detailing what went wrong and what was done right on season 1 of the Fox singing competition.

 Among the brash verdicts, says the source: that Abdul’s role was seen as “irrelevant to the mix,” in part through no fault of her own (as mentor to the groups, her contestants were picked off early in the competition).

 Still, Abdul was not without her controversies on the show. Many blamed her for the dismissal of show favorite Rachel Crow, precipitated by advice Abdul gave to Scherzinger to let the decision be made by the public vote. America then sent the 13-year-old packing.

 As for Jones and Scherzinger, another show insider says the “X Factor” host was notified by a show producer around 7:30pm on Monday evening that his option was not being picked up. (Cowell did not call Jones personally to deliver the news.) Soon after, Scherzinger was informed that her contract also would not be renewed. The host and judge did not receive an explanation for the decision, but a source close to the show says Cowell has decided that the show needs a bigger celebrity on the panel next season. (Billboard)


Well let me weigh in on my predictions. Now that the dust has settled and we know who won’t be returning speculations are running rampant that Mariah Carey Cannon will/is being courted to join the judging panel. The multi-platinum artist was highly  considered for the 1st season of X-Factor but I guess negotiations went sour. Now Simon and L.A Reid are said to very interested in bringing Mariah on board.

With Jennifer Lopez being the crown jewel of American Idol and Christina Aguilera holding court on The Voice, X-Factor needs their own Pop Queen to show up their rival and it makes much sense… 

Who really saw it for Nicole Scherzinger? She’s beautiful to look at but she’s no mega star. Paula was mainly brought on the show to snag some the American Idol fan fare but without her constant fights with Simon and witty comebacks no one really cared she was apart of the show…. she was something like the old dusty palm tree your parents have over in the corner of the family room. As for the host… who was he anyway?

I love X-Factor and it was refreshing to see a new singing competition show other than Idol. It would be awesome to see Mariah on the show and she’d definitely trump the other ‘two’ reality shows in terms of talent and pizzaz. Mimi has personality and her interaction with Simon and LA would be legendary. Can’t wait to see how this all pans out.


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