Legal Woes: Bow Wow Has A Warrant For His Arrest and Lil’ Kim Can’t Pay Her Taxes

6 Feb

Your favorite celebs are pulling stunts left and right and the powers that be have had about enough of their antics…

First up Young Money‘s newest recruit is Wanted and I’m not talking his 2005 album either. It seems Shad Moss aka Lil’ Bow Wow is not in the business of paying up and as a result could be scrubbing more than just the inside of Baby’s tour bus for studio time.

According to E! Online— warrant has been issued for his arrest, but a rep for the 24-year-old rapper tells E! News that this “ongoing dispute” is under control.

He’s in contempt of court. Back in 2009, the rapper was ordered by a Tennessee court to pay fees to a tour bus company after allegedly not paying his bill. Then on October 20, 2011, a judge in Georgia ordered him to produce documents for the other side. (The tour bus company transferred the suit from Tennessee to Georgia, where Bow Wow lives.)  

He’s failed to produce the documents, and as a result, the tour bus company filed a motion to have him held in contempt; the judge has since granted the motion and ordered Bow Wow to be taken into custody. (He was also ordered to pay for the other side’s legal fees, but it’s unclear whether he adhered to this request)

Bow Wow later tweeted himself in a jail cell unbothered by the situation with the following message


Bow Wow’s team insist the matter is being resolved and that his new legal team is working everything out…hmmm( first taxes now this)….


“Winning” was a phrase Charlie Sheen let live in 2011 unfortunately Lil’ Kim didn’t receive the memo or has just been ignoring it all together… What’s really good with celebs not wanting to pay their taxes? Just ask Ron Isley…

Well according to TMZLil’ Kim whose real name is Kimberly Jones is on the chopping block for back taxes stemming from 2002 to 2009 with every year inbetween. Sure we all have had to pay taxes here in there owing for whatever reason or another but Kim is standing on the brink of a whopping $1.02 million +……

Apparently Kim has hired a new legal team to represent her and dissolve this issue. A rep responded to TMZ, saying that Kim has “hired professional attorneys to handle this matter” and that “she, along with her team of legal experts, are working cooperatively and diligently with the IRS and federal authorities to amicably resolve the situation.”

I want Kim to win but at this rate she needs to release a new album every few months just to keep Uncle Sam off of her ass. Believe me when The IRS comes to collect they spare no soul…because collecting coins is what they do best..



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