So Now That The Love & Hip Hop Reunion Has Aired What’s Your Opinion? Let’s Discuss

7 Feb

At first I thought this whole interview-type- of- reunion show would be boring after a few of the girls opted to stay off camera for fear of being in the same room with certain ladies. However I was wrong as we got more than a ear full as  what we can expect  in the future of the series…

I’m gonna plunder through the debris and give my commentary on each of the girls and where they go from here. I’m also gonna discuss my expectations and what we can expect on Love And Hip Hop: Hotlanta!

Let’s Gooooo

First off this season provided loads of must see tv and introduced us to a few new characters to keep the drama fresh and entertaining. We digged deeper into the crazed relationship between Chrissy and Jim Jones, Emily and her obsession with Fab, Olivia’s lagging music career, and Mama Jones’ hilarious antics.

Let’s take a look and discuss the major storylines and the parties involved. SN: Sorry Somaya but you won’t find us discussing you and your dating over here as well lol

And since we are on Somaya she’s up 1st..

I’m not really sure about Somaya or just where she fits in but she sure did bring her ‘A’ game for her sit down with Mona Scott. Alot of things were revealed including why Somaya had taken a backseat to filming for the show. Apparently Vh1 wasn’t interested in Somaya’s storyline and opted to just stop showing her all together. From the interview Somaya really wanted to play it safe this season but anyone who follows reality tv knows playing it safe equals less screen time. People want to see fire and drama and unfortunately Somaya didn’t create lucky charms and flashing lights and got chopped after a few episodes. She’s a very peculiar chick tho… she lied several times after going on several Twitter rants and blogs asking fans to rally out in her support for being shaded by vh1. This makes me question the motives of some women and their chosen path to fame. If she doesn’t return I’m sure the world with flourish with ease…

I didn’t quite get into Chrissy during the 1st season of Love & Hip Hop but season 2 gave me a whole look love and respect for Jim Jones’ ride or die chick. She’s definitely the center core and glue that holds the show together.  I’m proud to see she’s repaired her relationship with Mama Jones and finally stopped whining long enough for Jimmy to put a ring on it. On the flip side of things she voiced her disdain for her fiance’s former manager Yancy and as a result Chrissy opted out of doing a reunion which could have lead to a even bigger fight. This lead to show creator Mona Scott conducting interviews with all the girls one on one. Going forward I’d love to see Chrissy work on her own business ventures and less on Jim, Emily, and whoever poses a threat. I don’t buy the whole “I’m not coming back to the show BS…” most of these girls say that to gain more money in contract. I’m sure Chrissy is gonna use that to her advantage along with Jim as wellHer whole beef with Mona was hilarious. I’d love to see the two interact more next season..

The wonderful world of Emily and her battles with love continued well into season 2 and as always involved Brooklyn rapper Fabolous. Emily has to be one of my favorites as I often tweet #TeamEmily in support of her low self-esteem antics. I don’t know what it is but Fabolous knows what buttons to push in order to keep his baby mama and stylist within stone’s throw. While she played it safe during some of the show’s most heated exchanges she still found time to focus on her career and struggling fashion aspirations. Going forward I’d like to see less of her heartaches and more of her talents. I believe she has a brain full of ideas just waiting to be discovered and her purpose is so much more than playing second fiddle….IMO

Not to come across as a hater but I don’t really see it for Olivia‘s career. I’m sure people could say the samething about me and my blog but we aren’t discussing Bizzy today. From the gate we’ve watch the ups and downs of Olivia’s career play out and time and time again we were left wondering if 50 Cent’s Candy Girl was really in it to win it. Season 2 brought more of the same and we divulged deeper into the pains and struggles of a displaced r&b girl…From her problems with Rich and Funk Flex to her loyalty to Chrissy, Olivia kept herself pretty busy throughout much of this season. Going forward I’d love to see Olivia prove the world and even me wrong and release a album that will do relatively well and quiet the naysayers. I had no idea she and Mama Jones were even beefing but I’m sure that will set the tone and add to storylines for season 3. Good Luck Liv..


As for the remaining cast…. Yandy should never allow business to get personal and a real business woman knows how to handle it. I can’t co-sign Chrissy when she says Yandy was there for the fame because all of them are on tv to sell their stories and make money so that was irrelevant and a self read if I’ve ever heard one…..I knew I had recognized Erica Mena from somewhere and totally forgot she was a artist signed to Terror Squad. I believe she has a lots of growing up to do and if not she’s gonna self-destruct before even getting started. Fame isn’t for everybody as I quote the famous Shawn Carter and if Erica tends on sticking around she needs to take a class before this life consumes her…..Kimbella knows what she wants but her tears and pain won’t let her be great. How are you having another kid by a guy who doesn’t even want to be seen on camera with you? I think she tries to hard at times and as a result becomes disliked……Teairra Marì really needs to be a regular next season. She brings so much sass to the show and her overacting really seems more ‘Single Ladies’ than actual reality show. She’s one hit away and unlike Olivia grinds for hers.

After viewing the final hoorah in the non-reunion format we were able to know a little bit more about show creator Mona-Scott Young who is no stranger to the ins and out of hip hop. She’s been in the game for years and has offered her managerial skills to some of your favorite MC’s including Missy, Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent just to name a few. I really admire her work ethic and her ability to keep it business and lady like on camera. She had her ducks in a row and had the proper receipts when the girls tried to snatch her follicles out from her scalp. I’d love to see her become a active cast mate next season if only to mentor the girls and create some sort of balance unlike what Shaunie does on Basketball Wives.

All in all this season was very entertaining and one can only image what Love & Hip Hop: Hotlanta will bring. I’ve heard of a few casting but I’ll wait until the confirmed list is revealed. One thing is for certain just like the Big Apple the Peach State will provide plenty of antics to feed our reality needs and satisfy our thirst for drama…


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