Good News Topic!: These Young Talented Teens Are Making A Difference In The Name Of Obama [Video]

10 Feb

While we take the time out to support our famous African-American’s past and present during Black History Month we also need to take notice to our upcoming generation making strides in our present day and era.

These smart guys who go by the name of Limitless state that even though they are too young to vote in the 2012 presidential election, they still plan to get their voice heard by their Let’s Do It Again campaign. The group remix the old classic by pushing their message to support President Obama by voting this November. They seem to know their politics and care about what’s in store for their future.

Limitless are raising money for band equipment, but they also want to support President Obama (a portion of profits will be donated to his re-election campaign). To get a FREE DOWNLOAD of  “Let’s Do It Again” re-make, send a email to

Check out their video below!  We love to support ‘More Than Just The Starsover here on Bizzy Blanco!


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