Is Whitney Houston Back On That “Stuff”? Let’s Evaluate Her Recent Behavior [Photos Inside]

10 Feb

I usually don’t rumors or damaging reports involving celebs but because I love Whitney Houston and the music she’s blessed the world with I’ll handle this as a night of partying gone wrong… at least according to the media.

As everyone knows The Grammy‘s are being held this weekend (Sunday Febuary 12th) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca and Nippy was on hand for the Kelly Prince and Friends: Unplugged Event. Reports suggested Whit looked hammered with cuts to her wrist and blood on her legs…allegedly. Whitney also attended the event with Ray J who she is rumored to be dating again. Whitney also joined Kelly Price on stage earlier in the evening for a duet before her wild night of partying began..

Check out my 2 Cents and more photo’s after the break

I think Whitney was just having a great time and as always people want to grab at straws and scream drug use. She looked as though she had a few too many cocktails but she has stated in interviews she’s given up the drugs but won’t shy away from a glass of wine here and there. Also it seems she’s feeling her inner cougar and taking up time with Ray J again…. I never reported on the story before but after seeing him show up with her on last night I’m convinced the two are just enjoying each other’s time….

Check out some more photo’s from the event below


What’s Your Verdict?



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