Clive Davis On His Grammy Party: “Whitney Would Have Asked That The Music Go On.”..

12 Feb

Despite the tragedy that has devastated the entire music community with the passing of Whitney Houston, Clive Davis remain uplifted as he continued on with his Pre-Grammy Gala and event Davis host every year the night before the Grammy’s.

Clive actually opened up the show and followed up with these heartfelt comments:

“By now sadly we have all learned of the unspeakable tragic news of our beloved Whitney…

“Whitney was so full of life. She was so looking forward to tonight. She was not at all scheduled to perform…”

“She loved music and loved this night that celebrates music.”

“Whitney would have asked that the music go on. And her family said the show should go on.”


Clive Davis dedicated the evening to Whitney Houston and asked for a moment of silence as a photo of the 48-year-old, hands wide open, looking to the sky, appeared on the screen.

Then, Davis said with excitement: “Now ladies and gentlemen, let the music begin.”


People had mix feelings and reactions as whether or not the show should still happen. It’s also alleged by various media outlets that the party is being held at the exact location and hotel (Beverly Hilton) that Whitney had passed away in.

It’s also being report the Grammy committee are putting together a tribute to the mega star which will feature Jennifer Hudson. As I was watching CNN this evening they want the mood to be toned down tomorrow night but still upbeat and fun. Naturally the atmosphere will be changed and of course I’m sure many of her industry peers and colleagues will in some shape or form find ways to pay homage to her tomorrow night on the Grammy’s.



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