My 2012 Grammy Award Show Recap. (Hey I’m Just Adding My 2 Cents As Always)

13 Feb

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards were held last night at the Staples Center in LA, and despite the somber mood in the wake of Whitney Houston‘s passing the show went off without a hitch and provided plenty of talk throughout much of the night. I managed to watch the show from start to finish being slightly annoyed at times but overall satisfied in some of the evenings highlights.

Let’s take a look at what went on through my perspective…..

The show had it’s moments and for the record who allowed Hottie from Vh1’s Flavor Of Love to even get a spot on the red carpet? lol Check the Red Carpet post if you don’t know what I’m talking about…

Anyway I’ll tackle some of my favorite and disappointing moments from last nights award show. The Grammy’s opened up with little to no excitement but I appreciated LL  for the mini speech and prayer.

Most of the performances lived up to expectations and others not so much. Shout out to Chris Brown for his ‘Best R&B Albumaward #VA Stand Up, but I felt Kelly Price was cheated out of a Grammy again.  Rihanna stepped up her dancing game in a variety of sorts and the blond change in her hair was a welcome arrival. Was it just me or did Riri do some rather cooky things once the camera panned on her in the crowd sitting next to BFF Katy Perry?…. And Speaking of Katy Perry she premiered new song ‘Part Of Meduring her performance which some say is a play on her break with husband Russell Brand….

….Adele vowed the masses in her comeback performance after undergoing corrective surgery on her vocals and came back like she hadn’t missed a beat. Although nervous, she delivered onRolling In The Deep and left the stage to a roaring Standing Ovation. …..Jennifer Hudson was the sole headliner as part of The Grammy’s tribute to Whitney Houston. She belted out Whitney’s signature hit ‘I Will Always Love You‘ and left many speechless knowing Whitney would no longer be with us in the physical anymore.

Although things seemed to be in a upbeat mood Nicki Minaj took the wind right out the Staples Center. In what can be described as a live action version of the movieThe Exorcisther entire performance was tasteless, unnecessary, and over the top theatrical. Sometimes less is more and Nicki really needed to heed those words last night.

It’s nothing wrong with expressing art through song and dance but there are lines and boundaries and quite frankly Nicki blew through all of those walls without hesitation. From her videoStupid Hoe‘ getting banned and now this disastrious Grammy performance one can only predict how the next installment of Pink Friday will come together….

Overall and that’s me gathering insight from the tweets, The Grammy’s aren’t the BET or MTV awards. This type of award show is the equivalent to the Oscars recognizing the best in music and spoken word set in a classy respectable atmosphere. I’m sure we will have to wait until the BET Awards to get a more extended Whitney Tribute, but with under 24 hrs to plan anything the Grammy academy were racking their brains in order to pull it all together.

Congrats to Adele for an unbelievable performance and winning 6 gramophones in a single night. 

Did you enjoy The Grammy’s last night? What were some of your highlights and disappoints from the award show.

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One Response to “My 2012 Grammy Award Show Recap. (Hey I’m Just Adding My 2 Cents As Always)”

  1. Jessica February 15, 2012 at 12:53 am #

    I was so upset about Whitney Houston’s death that I skipped the Grammy’s. I was able to see Nicki Minaj’s performance on the internet. I still don’t know what she was thinking. Also, Jennifer Hudson did a wonderful job paying tribute to Whitney Houston.

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