In Case You Missed It: Amber Riley Sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ On Glee Episode

15 Feb

I don’t particularly watch Glee save for when someone famous shows up and I totally forgot about this weeks episode because I was busy grinding to be home to catch it. Show cast member and one of my favorite chicks on the scene Amber Riley had been promoting the special Valentine’s Day episode where she would channel her inner Whitney Houston and tackle ‘I Will Always Love You’ to which she ripped it.

Amber was on the The Talk yesterday and she spoke of meeting Whitney last week and how much she admired her career. She mentioned to Whitney she was on the show Glee and she was planning to take on ‘I Will Always Love You’ and although their exchange was brief Amber felt humbled during the entire experience. I tweeted that if BET decides to do a spectacular Whitney Tribute they need to recruit this girl. She’d blow it out the water.

Check out the clip below

photo via Google Images


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