Beef? @ChrisBrown vs Wrestler @CMPunk? Could A Possible #Wrestlemania Match Be In The Works?

20 Feb

Why can’t the world just let Chris Brown be great?

After dissing his haters on the social networking site Twitter ( to which he later retracted hmm) Chris Brown has instead been wishing his haters and naysayers well asking you to even support their music and upcoming projects. With the R&B talent making a terrific turnaround in his career and focusing on his new album you can’t help that the devil is always stirring, plotting ,watching your every move and planning your demise.

Now that the world is embracing Tappahannock’s golden boy why are people still finding it hard to applaud Brown’s talents and achievements?

Find out who’s the latest to stir the pot in the ever growing mission to destroy Chris Brown.

WWE wrestler CM Punk took a slight jab at Chris Brown in the early morning hours on Twitter stating he’d get into the ring with the singer and maybe at the annual Wrestlemania Pay Per View:

Word must have gridlocked his mentions because Chris tweeted the WWE Champion back with his own war of words:

In the end Chris managed to keep it cool and preach his positivity slogan, quick not raise eyebrows and give the news hounds ammunition to use against him tomorrow.

Considering Chris is known for his outrageous outburst on Twitter I feel as though people lure him into these fights knowing damn well he’s gonna snap. This dude is not a animal and even though we can’t erase the past we can take a stand not to repeat it. Maybe Punk was joking or maybe he wasn’t but after this morning I lost a lot of respect for him. As a follower of WWE, a product that has in the past seen men attack and beat up women, the entertainment company should really be careful how their wrestlers pick and throw stones…

Sure that was in the past but so was Chris Brown’s situation… Let’s Keep It Real and 100 here…

Do you disagree with these celebs attacking Chris Brown or do they carry a legitimate beef?

 photos via WWE/Twitter


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