#BasketballWives Season 4 Episode 1 Recap [What Were Your Thoughts? Let’s Discuss]

21 Feb

Season 4 of our beloved Basketball Wives returned to Vh1 last night and right out the gate the lines had been drawn and the tone had been set as to what we could anticipate this go round. All of our regulars returned including Royce, Suzie, Tami, Evelyn, Jennifer, and over-all den mother and the HNIC of the popular franchise Shaunie “I Don’t Like No Drama” O’neal. Two new broads (Kesha & Kenya) join the melee and bam we got enough action this season to last a 3 life times. Don’t fret as I break down the 1st episode as only Bizzy can do..

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Now as we go into the 4th Quarter of Basketball Wives, the original first ladies of Vh1 who have remained a close knit group throughout much of it’s seasons got a bit of a shakeup when BFF’s Evelyn and Jennifer 10 year old friendship was placed back on the front line. After some shady comments on a blog and a few crocodile tears later, the fall out of these former friends will most likely not end well before the season ends. Jennifer seems very saddened and I honestly feel as though she really didn’t mean any harm about the blog comments but as always Evelyn loves the attention and in order to get screen time and a few more coins to pay for her Cinderella wedding, giving good drama will ensure her place in the reality history books forever..


Wet mouth Suzie‘s jabber jaws are still in the drama department and as always she’ll be the one NOT to reveal any secrets or gossip to. If you don’t want anybody to know you hit that poor little cat on the way to church then you’d better make sure Suzie isn’t around. I don’t understand why she’s still apart of the show and the least liked out of the entire cast in my opinion.

Royce…..well Royce is Royce and I commend her on knowing when to keep that mouth on mute. Instead of giving her asspinion on her castmates really get down, she remained tight lipped, using her body language to convey her answers to the new kids on the block. Royce has always been the center of most of the drama but being too quiet has it’s setbacks. Royce becoming too uninteresting could lead to Shaunie pulling a Mona and dismissing her from the show much like they did Somaya…

Also I’m really digging this new girl Kesha and it’s gonna be exciting to see how well she gets along with the rest of the bad girls club and I really love her southern accent. Not really sure about Kenya but she seems like a Meeka Claxton type just without the greasy face…and speaking Of Speedy Claxton‘s down ass chick, did anyone catch how they cut Meeka out of the promo when they were recapping last season? #shadeTami seems to be holding things down and keeping the girls in line like Della Reese did in Harlem Nights… I see Tami is in charge of the girls this season… Shaunie get your weight up.

This 4th installment is gonna more of the fuckery and shenanigans we’ve come to love from Basketball Wives and Vh1. I don’t however like the fact these girls are always in some fancy restaurant jumping off of tables and chairs. I want to visit and eat at some of those swanky spots and yall are really messing it up for me.

What were your thoughts? Did the season premiere live up to your expectations? Comment and Let Me Know Below!


2 Responses to “#BasketballWives Season 4 Episode 1 Recap [What Were Your Thoughts? Let’s Discuss]”

  1. Tony Rice February 21, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    1st episode kinda dry

    • b February 21, 2012 at 11:32 pm #


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