A Pause 4 The Cause: Vernetta Winston Introduces ‘Healing My Heart’ (Dedicated To Domestic/Sexual Violence)

24 Feb

Friend to and unofficial street team supporter Vernetta Winston shares her story with us about overcoming childhood abuse and the way other victims can go about reparing and patching up their own scars. Vernetta Started Healing My Heart, an organization she founded in October of 2011. It’s purpose is to bring healing and support to those who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Vernetta writes:

I wanted to start the organization because I had been a victim of sexual violence. I was molested as a child. I also watched my mother growing up as she was a victim of domestic violence. It was very hard for me to open up to anyone about what I went through but after letting it out and giving it to God, I wanted to create a place of healing for others.

That’s wassup!

Domestic and Sexual Violence is very prevalent in the African-American community and most choose to overlook and ignore it especially among black males. Thanks to Vernetta you now have a voice to speak and be connected with others who may have/or are experiencing some form of abuse. Remember people there is help!

Also if you are in the 804 area or surrounding areas on March 2nd,  Healing My Heart will be selling lunch/dinner plates to support the women and children of Hilliard House. Have a soul food lunch and help feed and clothe the homeless!

To reach Vernetta for questions about her organization or ways you can help: Visit her website> and follow and like her Facebook page>>

Thanks Vernetta for sharing your story!


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