So Bravo Has Given Kandi Her Own Reality Show? + My Issue W/Celebrity Singing Competitions [Let’s Discuss]

24 Feb

Now before you label this as hate or any of the above, I respect Kandis hustle and I applaud her many business ventures but this latest one has me rather puzzled.

It seems with her staple in the music business and success with Kim’s Tardy For The Party, Bravo execs felt it necessary to reward Kandi Burgess with her very own competion reality show entitled ‘The Kandi Factory’. The show will feature wannabee singers in the hunt to become the next big superstar. Two winners will have access to Kandi’s producers, cheorgraphy, and image consultants… (Oh boy)

Check out the trailer below and my two cents as always


My 2 Cents:

So now that you’ve seen the tape how do you really feel? The problem I have with these singing reality shows that feature said established artist awarding these no names with a contract is ridiculously stupid. They promise these people a lot of this and a lot of that and we never hear from them again…

Remember Missy’s Road To Stardom and how she introduced us to Jessica Betts? So where is she now? How about P.Diddy’s  ‘Making The Band’ soap opera ? How many rappers and singers have we seen Diddy shoot to the stars to eventually watch them vanish in the outer realms of the galaxy.

I’m going out on a limb here to say Kandi has great ideas that work but as of right now music is really not one of them. Kandi is so successful with her many other ventures why not turn her Kandi Koated Nights Ustream show into something worth watching on tv? Kinda like what Andy Cohen does on Bravo but a late night show dealing with sex and relationships? I’m seriously rooting for you Kandi but if this too shall fail it’s high time you gave up this vision for music.

As Spotted viaMissJia


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