Tweet Me: Nicki Minaj’s Fans Attack Jill Scott On Twitter Because Of Grammy Performance Snub

27 Feb

Jill Scott and Nicki Minaj have been trending this afternoon and not because they have a collaboration coming up. Apparently tweeting your opinion about a artist has it’s repercussions and Jilly from Philly felt the wrath of Nicki’s stans when she tweeted her displeasure in Onika’s Disastrous Grammy performance.


Once the word got out the entire Barbie Dream House stormed Jill’s mentions with plastic pink pumps and polish…

Will This End Well?

Check out some of the events below:


The insults continued back and forth with several of Jill’s devoted fans coming to her aid and speaking up on the right of artistic criticism from one artist to another. If you want to follow the entire chain of events then peep out Jill Scott’s timeline here

Now moving along to stans jumping to attack celebs on Twitter. Up until now I thought only Beyoncè had the most outrageous and despicable fans but Nicki’s psychotic stan base has to be thee worst ever imaginable. Another episode of when tweeting goes wrong and unfortunately Jill is the one who had to pay for her comments regarding her dislike for Nicki’s Grammy performance.

While it’s not a huge ordeal it does make me wonder what Twitter would have been like had it been around back in the day when Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Anita Baker were the main attractions. Would our moms, dads and grandparents go in for their favorite artist much like we do today?

As far as Nicki and Jill is concern? Jill should have really ignored it. I know it’s hard but everyone is entitled to his or own opinion. Jill didn’t say anything out of the ordinary and her comments were very mild at best. She could have really reached and went in but her tweets were classy, calm and reserved with her even giving the Nicki Minaj her props as well as a few other notable chicks in the game including Beyoncè and Lil’ Kim.

Keep Ya Head Up Jilly and recruit your own Stan base! They become useful in times such as these.

photo: Twitter|Google 


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