Did Lamar Odom Get Fired? Mav’s Owner Mark Cuban Says No! Find Out What His New Role Will Be…

3 Mar

Wow with a sick father and now talks of being ‘let go’ yesterday from his new job with the Dallas Mavericks things couldn’t get any worse for Lamar Odom. Well Mav’s owner Mark Cuban says the allegations are all wrong and that Lamar is simply being demoted to the farm league in order to improve his paint skills.

Get all in the deets below…

According to TMZ, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban confirmed to them that Lamar Odom WILL rejoin the team after a brief stint down in the D-League … claiming L.O. simply needs to get his timing back.

Cuban explains, “[Lamar] is doing great. D-League is rehab. [He] needs to get in great shape and then rejoin the Mavs.”

He continues, Know how baseball teams send a guy down to the minor leagues to get some games in a get timing back? Same thing.”

“Things are going great. He is working super hard. All is good.


Khloe Kardashian actually tweeted earlier in the day after news ran rampant that he was fired from his new team.

Perhaps she knew this was all a hearsay. Khloe is known for going to bat for Lamar and her family on Twitter so I’m nowhere near surprised she made the somewhat cryptic message.


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