Remembering Christopher ‘BIG’ Wallace + My Favorite Video’s and Songs #RIPBIG

9 Mar

Wow it seems so surreal that The Notorious B.I.G is no longer with us, a man who was merely scratching the surface with his career when he fell victim to a drive by shooting just 15 years ago. However Big’s memory will live on through his die hard fan base who continually keep his legacy alive through conversation and many great hip hop debates.

‘Ready To Die’ was the first hip hop album my parents allowed me to buy (well my father anyway). My mother was livid and demanded a explanation from my father asking him “Why did he allow me to purchase such filth with it’s derogatory lyrics and profanity”?. Unbeknownst to her it was the light bulb that hung high above my head signaling my passion for music and love for hip hop.

No other rapper has garnered my attention lyrically than Big. He will always find a spot on my ‘Greatest MC’s Of All Time’ list and will most likely place in the top 3. I always image what music would have been like if he was still among us. The dream team collaborations and the millions of records he would have sold. Would he still be cool with Diddy? Where would he rank among his peers today? And would he be a much bigger artist than Jay-Z? Although we will never get the answers to any of those questions we can appreciate the music that he gave us and the artist he help find and discover.

We all miss you Big.

Some of my favorite Tracks and Video’s:

Big Poppa (To Me Big was the first one to feature all the hot celebs, singers, and rappers in his videos. It was like watching a party go down on the set of his videos)


One More Chance (This has to be one of my favorite Big video’s of all time. A who’s who among hip hop. The only slow jam banger that get the club moving with everyone in site reciting every lyric)


Warning: (Video’s weren’t so accessible back in the day like they are today on Youtube, so it was a rainy day on Rap City when I actually seen Warning. Big always had a way of telling a story or making a movie through his video’s. He set the standard)


Skies The Limit (I never fully appreciated the song until the video came out. Big had already passed away but the creativity that went into the video was excellent and the Mini Me’s of Big, Diddy, Faith, and Kim were priceless.)


Player’s Anthem ( Before there was Wayne, Drake, and Nicki there was Big, Cease, and Kim)


Get Money (Before the messiness of MediaTakeOut and TMZ, you were fed rumors and hearsay from “friends” you knew in the industry. I was sitting down with my older cousins watching Yo MTV Raps when they began discussing the relationship between Big, Faith and new rap chick Lil’ Kim)


Juicy (Frank White took Mtume’s hit and turned it into a Classic… R.I.P Big)


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