@Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network Score Big Ratings For Bobbi Kristinia Interview + My Thoughts

12 Mar

It comes at no suprise that Miss Sophia scored huge numbers last night *cough* 3.5 million to be exact for her sit down interview with Bobbi Kristina and the Houston Family on her weekly series ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’. Oprah’s prime time exclusive interview catapulted the struggling network out of it’s rating slump… so far…….. According to Black Talent News the show picked up a 3.1 rating in the key women 25-54 demo, 3.3 in households and 3.5 million total viewers. The episode saw significant triple digit growth across all key demos versus its season average and grew each half hour in the key female demo (3.0, 3.1, 3.2 W25-54).

Oprah needs to thank and pay homage to Whitney Houston until the day she departs earth.

Now that that the pomp and circumstances are out the way let’s analyze the interview… join me

My thoughts are merely my thoughts so do get mad or offended.

Bobbi Kristina: She seems to be dealing with this as anyone would who was close to their mother. Whitney was definitely her life and they relied heavily on each other and most likely were each other’s crutch. I was a little puzzled as to why her and Oprah choose to stand up in a kitchen and conduct their entire segment? Also was it just me or did Oprah find every opprotunity to cut Bobbi off before she had time to answer the next question? Miss Sophia is so nosey. I believe it was heavily edited and I’m sure O coached Bobbi on what to say and how to answer. I found Oprah’s choice of questioning to be very abrasive at times.

Pat Houston: Clearly Pat opened up people’s eyes last night on a number of key people Whitney was affiliated with during her last hours alive. Without naming names she gave insight on her disapproval of Whitney dating younger men (Ray J) and the altercation that took place between Whit and X-Factor finalist Stacy Francis (who has been denying the entire ordeal from the get go) who was said to have been stalking Whitney the entire night *outch*

Pat also cleared up her relationship with Bobby Brown explaining he was not the reason behind Whitney’s drug use and his effort in reaching out to his daughter days after Whitney’s funeral. Pat knows a whole lot more than she’s telling but I’m happy she remained loyal throughout the entire interview. It was a very heart breaking moment when she described the whole hotel scene leading up to Whitney’s death and the events that unfolded afterwards.

Gary Houston: I had forgot Nippy had a brother but from all of the news and media they seemed to have been very close. Nothing spectacular from his point of view except his interpretation of Bobby abrupt vanishing act during the funeral. He claimed he didn’t know but I find that hard to believe. I know in the African-American community we see and know all when it comes to a funeral especially when it comes to our own families. Maybe Gary wanted to remain nuetral and not cause any bad blood between him and Bobby. With rumors of Bobby penning a tell all book the death of Whitney is surely to be a on going topic for days, weeks, and months to come.

Overall this was a very excellent interview. Oprah was careful not to push her guest into a hole demanding loads of information instead allowing them to tell their stories and continue to grieve in their own way. She was a bit too inquisitive at times but in Oprah fashion she probably thought she was just doing her job.  Things got interesting on Twitter for Stacy Francis who got more than she bargained for after Pat Houston threw her under the bus for allegedly stalking Whitney at the Kelly Price and Friends concert event party held a few days before the Grammy’s. Whether or not it’s true or just a mere misunderstanding the fact remains something did go down between the two and it likely resulted in more than just words being thrown.

Now that Oprah has delivered one of her biggest interviews to date maybe it won’t be long before she interviews Bobby or maybe Ray J?

How did you feel about the interview?



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