Star Jones Has A Message For @EvelynLozada Of #BasketballWives: You Need To Do Better!

15 Mar

She tried to sugarcoat and say we but it’s evident whom Star was referring too..

When it comes to black women making a mockery out of themselves on reality tv, Star Jones is the poster child for all things right and wholesome. Remember her battles with Nene Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice last year? The two had quite a lengthy battle in the press and through various media outlets regarding their on air feud while filming for that ‘Trump Check’.

Well as unluck would have it Star Jones was minding her own business when one of her girlfriends sent her a email with footage from Basketball Wives, which detailed a scene with a woman (Evelyn Lozada) jumping off of a boardroom table like pro wrestler ‘Super Fly’ Jimmy Snuka.

and Star….well she was not the least bit aroused.

Considering that most of you who are fans of the show have seen the infamous sneak peek clip of Evelyn attacking ex BFF Jennifer Williams do you share the exact same views as Star? Have the women of reality tv taken it too far?

Just in case you missed the super trailer of Basketball Wives which includes the scene Star was referencing check it out here


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