Bizzy Links: The Person Who Leaked Whitney Photo Revealed + Shooting In Popular Atlanta Hair Salon

17 Mar

All of this alleged but word on the home front is the culprit who snap the photo of Whitney Houston as she lay peacefully in her casket was family friend and Nippy confidant Raffles van Exel. The Whigham funeral home in New Jersey who were responsible for carrying out the home going service of Whitney Houston came under heavy scrutiny for allowing the photo to get released issued a press conference and revealed the family knew who it was and needed to speak up a give a statement. Apparently the Houston family didn’t want to want to spill the beans so the Whigham funeral home took matters into their own hands and unmask the opportunist. Continue reading the full story about just who is Raffles van Exel, his involvement with Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and a host of other shenanigans involving the almighty dollar….[FreddyO]


The great city of Atlanta is known for it’s grand hospitality, southern cuisine, and burgeoning music scene….However going to get your hair laid like payday with the sounds of gunshots ringing in the background isn’t exactly on a tourist to do list…Check out what happened at Derick J‘s (Housewives Of Atlanta/Good Hair) Buckhead hair salon when Neffie Pugh (Keyshia Cole’s sister) showed up with a disgruntled hair dilemma and all hell and weave broke loose……(MissJia)


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