Is 2012 The Return Of The Female Rap Star? Let’s Evaluate The Top Contenders…

18 Mar

So after a very dormant existence, ladies rocking the mic are now a hot commodity and the hip hop community is once again embracing the female MC.  While some say we have Nicki Minaj to thank, no other chick in a very long time has elevated the presence of females on the mic anymore than the Harajuki Barbie. From her jaw dropping ensembles, controversial live appearances, and rolling with some of hip hop’s heavyweights, Nicki Minaj ushered in a new era for aspiring femcees of all shapes, sizes, colors, and azzes to dream big…. because the door had been re-opened.

Now that Nicki is embarking on her sophomore album a new breed of estrogen (and a few oldies) are making their lyrical voices heard in the year twenty twelve. With plenty of muscle behind them could we be revisiting the 90’s again when every popular crew had a “1st Lady”? Let’s take a look at the top contenders, mid carders and the beloved bench warmers….

First up… Iggy Azalea  and Azealia Banks…..

Both MC’s have loads to boast about after being co-signed by two of hip hop’s current kings .. Iggy Azalea who hails from Australia is the new money in the machine that is Grand Hustle. Supposedly T.I will executive produce Iggy’s entire debut album. Iggy made headlines last month when she made the cover of XXL‘s 2012 Freshman class issue which ruffled the peacock feathers of fellow MC Azealia Banks…………

Banks tweeted her displeasure in Iggy’s cover spread and referenced the Australian rapper’s ‘runaway slave master’ comment. Since then Iggy cleared up and defended her choice of wording in an exclusive with…….Azealia need not worry she’s already caught the eye of Kanye West and fashion director Karl Lagerfield. It will be interesting to see how the musical projects of both of these ladies will turn out.. Foxy and Lil’ Kim Beef 2012? They say history often repeats itself so the facts remain up in the air…

Speaking of the Queen Bee

Kimberly Denise Jones has had enough setbacks, jail stints, and facial distortion to last a lifetime yet the Black Erica Kane keeps on ticking like her cheeks are laced with energizer battery acid. All jokes aside Lil’ Kim is still fighting the good fight and placing her bets on this being her winning season. After the Nicki Minaj beef  and the whole Paypal debacle the light is finally gleaming inside the honey comb hideout.

Now with a new single  on iTunes and a yet unnamed recording home, could the stars once again be aligning in Kim’s favor? Reuniting with Billboard’s crème de la crème could raise the pulling power for Kim stagnant career. Word around  the MTV studio’s is that Kim is planning a huge surprise for her forthcoming lead single which will include a top notch guest appearance from a well known MC. Fabricated Lies or More Of That Good Stuff?

A Woman In Paris

Yes Paris is her name and she’s been given the stamp of approval from hip hop’s biggest baller….. Curtis Jackson. Yup 50 Cent who didn’t have much luck with his run in with Olivia is giving female empowerment a chance to shine on G-G-G-Gunit. The Femcee appears alongside 50 in the mixtape banger ‘Queen’s NY’.

I actually listened to her for the 2nd time tonight and from what I heard she’s giving me a little bit of Kim, Remy Ma, and some Roxanne Shante complete with Foxy Brown’s swag (grimy yet beautiful)

When it comes to our beloved Mid Carders nobody is hitting close to home plate than Miami’s own madame Trina. The Diamond Princess in my opinion has been the most consistent female rapper in the past 11 years or so. When everybody wrote female rap off she was still dropping singles, albums, and mixtapes with or without a label backing. Will Trina bless us with an even bigger album than her last before the year 2012 is up? Perhaps her name will appear on the ballot of Best Female Rap Artist at this years BET Awards… Remember Trina’s Twitter rant last year… Make sure to check out Trina’s new look on Vh1’s Styled By June Ambrose….

Hate her or Love Her The self-proclaimed Queen Of The South Khia continues to keep her name relevant through her series of Youtube Vlogs as she takes comedic jabs at some of her industry colleges and peers. Khia also dropped her new single ‘Pay Your Pu**y Bill’ and is even positioning herself  a spot on Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta…. Holla at her Mona Scott!

There are  also quite a few other ladies in waiting just itching for a chance at stardom and pair of red bottom heels.. Tyga has recruited Honey Cocaine for his label imprint and girls like Kreayshawn, Lola Monroe, Diamond, and even Mama Jones are keeping the mic hot with their freestyles, mixtapes, and reality tv ventures…

We are still waiting for Missy Elliott to drop a new album by this summer and would Eve stop looking for love and drop Liplock already? Da Brat is fresh out of the slammer and remixing some of music’s hottest tracks…… This year is full of promising acts and it will be adventurous to see who pulls rank once the ball drops…

Did I leave anyone out? Hit me up and let me know!!


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