Album Review: Melanie Fiona ‘The MF Life’ In Stores Now!

20 Mar

R&B has a sacred stone and Canadian beauty Melania Fiona is that hidden jewel. Today Fiona embarks on the next stage of her existence with the release of her sophomore album MF Life. It’s very rare to find a R&B album that’s not full of club bangers and party pop and Melanie brings it home through the past, pain, and pitfalls of love….

The album is not all heartbreak though as Melanie assembles a all-star cast on MF Life(This Time) J.Cole, (Running), Nas, (Change The Record) B.o.B, and (Gone (La Dada Di) Snoop Dogg…. Talk about Hip Hop Royalty.

Two tracks that immediately stand out to me are Wrong Side Of A Love Song & Can’t Say I Never Loved You. Her vocals are remarkable. + I’ve heard this woman live, direct, and in person so I know she’s no studio singer.

On Bones she channels her inner Amy Winehouse… which is very haunting and bluesy….’Watch Me Work’ reminds me of something out of out of the 60’s/70’s golden area of disco and Melanie channels island vibes on ‘Can’t Say I Never Love You’….. Talk about giving you a little bit of everything.

Melanie even teams up with T-Pain on ‘6am’ a play and a answer to Fiona’s ‘4am’ track… fellow Canadian brethren Drake even makes an appearance on the production side of things penning ‘I Been That Girl’.…seriously I can hear Aubrey singing this…

Overall I love Melanie Fiona and this album is a sure testament that she’s gonna be around for the ages. I just wish record execs, media, and radio paid more attention what real music is. I give this album a A and not because I rock with Melanie but I have yet to skip a beat since purchasing MF Life! Do yourself a in service go pick it up today!

Album in Stores Now!!



2 Responses to “Album Review: Melanie Fiona ‘The MF Life’ In Stores Now!”

  1. @just_bam March 20, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    Her vocals and the production on this album is dope . It was worth the wait .

  2. mattneric March 24, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    Completely agree! What a fantastic album. Nice review.

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