My 1,000th Post + Turns A Year Old!!! Let’s Celebrate!

25 Mar

Dear Loyal Readers and Subscribers,

It’s been one year since I made the leap of faith to the creation my own Pop Culture Blog. After starting my personal blog back in 09′ and supporting major blogs like back in 05′. I thought it was my time to make the most out of my purpose here on earth which included my love to write, post, and tell a story.

My love of blogging is real and I hope that ‘we’ over here on this side of the fence can provide a different experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. While we are fairly new and still working out the bugs and kinks we will always strive to give you the best of what we have to offer. I would personally love to thank Universal Music, Steve Harvey, Croaker Spots Restaurant, The P Show, Shelton Cary, Fresh Of Crunk-N-Orderly, Angel Of Concreteloop, the many wonderful people who have RT’ed, Posted, and Just showed Love and most importantly My Family!

Continue to rock with us, tell your friends and look out for some exciting features in the months ahead.

It’s More Than Just The Stars Over Here So Always Consider Yourselves Welcome!

My 1,000th Post!!!! *Breaks Out Ciroc*

‘Let’s Get Bizzy’!


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