Check It: Azeala Banks Interviews W/ GQ Magazine; Talks Getting Money, Influences, And Kanye West

27 Mar

Yeah so I’m #teamAzeala and while plethora of people flock to Iggy.. (Yes I’m down with Grand Hustle‘s femme fatale also)……

………The phrase  More Than Just The Stars means we rep hard all day for the under dog as well. I was having a conversation via Twitter with a follower of mine on yesterday over Azeala Banks being a hater? It was in part to Azaela’s disliking of Iggy on a recent cover of XXL Magazine. I wanted to clarify that while I agreed with his discernment, disagreeing with something/someone doesn’t necessarily mean you are hating.

I’m loving a lot of what Azeala is doing. Her music and delivery sounds quite impressive. She’s boisterous, heavily opinionated, and can spit with beauty to back it up… with A-List phone-A-friend connects (Kanye West, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Karl Lagerfield) what will be the method to Azaela’s madness? The MC who signed to Interscope Records and released her newest single ‘F*ck Up The Fun’ on yesterday has a feature in  GQ magazine. Check out a few photo’s along with some Q&A from GQ below.

Adjusting to her new found fame: “I definitely have more money and shit,” , “but that’s all virtual stuff. I’ve been making music for a while.”

Who she listens to for inspiration: “Everyone,” but mostly “Azealia Banks.”

On Kanye West Being A Fan: “It’s cool, but they’re just people. The skies don’t part and glow orange.”

Spotted Via Concreteloop|Pix Via GQ Magazine


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