Petersburg,Va Woman Accused Of “deliberately” Hitting Man With Car [Video]

28 Mar

A Petersburg area woman was in a different frame of mind when she chose to end a conversation by striking a man down with her car. Let this be a lesson to anyone poking their nose into Gloria James’ business.

According to WWBT/NBC12news

It all went down in a parking lot in Petersburg. Police say 22-year-old Gloria James was behind the wheel of that car. Now, she’s behind bars. The victim, 31-year-old Shawn Rives, calls the incident, “crazy.”

He was trying to break up an argument between two women when one of the women jumped in her car and hit him with the vehicle.  It happened Friday night in the 600 block of East Wythe Street in Petersburg.

Witnesses say James and a friend pulled into the parking lot of a business and got into an argument with another woman, who was with Rives. There was a fight. Police say Rives tried to break up the brawl. At some point, James jumped in her car and plowed into Rives. This witness, who asked we not reveal his identity, called police.

“It was about 14 yards he was on top of the car, and he finally fell down off the car and rolled for a little bit and she went tearing off down the street.”

The witness says his concern turned to Rives.

“I rushed over to him and I thought I was going to have to get him medical assistance but he got up. He was a little slow getting up but he got up. He wasn’t bleeding… no broken bones or anything like that.”

Rives suffered only minor injuries. During a phone conversation he said, “I think it was an accident. I don’t think she meant to hit me on purpose.”

Even so, police arrested James. She faces a felony charge of malicious bodily injury.

James is being held at Riverside Regional Jail.

Check out the video here 



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