So The Air Yeezy II’s Are Gonna Be Delayed; Not Dropping Until June [Details]

28 Mar

Shoe collectors who were planning on camping out next month in preparation of the Kanye West‘s ‘Air Yeezy 2” by Nike will have to wait just a little bit longer. The much delayed shoe which finally got a release day for April 13th is gonna be pushed back even further. According to Global Grind, The collector shoe won’t be available until June with no direct date set in stone. Nike Also plans on releasing both colors on the same day which should be even sweeter for shoe enthusist.

But what does this all mean exactly? Read ahead 

As Global Grind puts it Nike plans on releasing both colorways on the same day (blah blah blah blah blah….) 

If any of you have ever lined up for a limited release of a sneaker, you know that most times the store will not allow you to get more than one of the same shoe. We also know that most stores won’t get two colors of the same limited edition shoe and since there is no way for anyone to be in two lines at once, how does the legitimate sneaker collector get their hands on both Yeezy 2 colorways at the retail price? 


Talk about the insane foolery that will ensue that day. To be quite honest when things like this usually occur it turns me away from desiring the shoe. I’m a lowkey sneakerhead but even I have my limits. For 1 I’m not about to stand in no line to get trampled over to find out the store only has 30 pair of sneakers.

Either Nike makes more or offer them online exclusively. Just my opinion…


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